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The Importance
of Voice of Customer

L istening to your customers is an essential way to improve your products and services in order to remain competitive, drive value, and grow and strengthen your organization. The voice of the customer will always reflect the actual sentiments about your offerings that exist in the market.

Each piece of feedback or review, whether requested through a survey, solicited for a review page, or posted to social media should be seen as an opportunity to learn, to change, and create more satisfied customers who want to help your business succeed.

To accomplish this goal take these steps:

  1. Request feedback as often and through as many channels as possible
  2. Train your customer-facing teams to listen for and report feedback at every opportunity through a common process
  3. Listen to social media mentions and sentiment
  4. Keep a consistent brand style and tone of voice online
  5. Build a comprehensive feedback loop that has strong ownership and accountability
  6. Solicit and advertise reviews from your key promoters
  7. Respond to all feedback and reviewers to show you care

Ingrain these tasks in your corporate culture and hone these interactions over time to create a sense of loyalty and dependability on your product. The voice of customer feedback you get will inform better decisions that produce happier customers and more prospects. When done correctly, the value you gain by taking the time to listen will propel you above the competition.