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With a lower price and more chat features, Chatra is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a live chat solution for your website that’s designed to increase sales. It’s packed with useful features like:

  • — Live typing insights —
  • — The ability to edit sent messages —
  • — Invisible mode —
  • — Lead-qualifying bots —
  • — Familiar and intuitive messenger style UI —


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On this page we’ll explain why we think Chatra is THE go-to solution for chatting with your customers and how it differs from other services like Drift.

A People-Oriented Alternative To Drift

Drift is a complex solution that includes a CRM system as well as live chat and, as a result, it takes most people a while to learn how to use all its features. That’s not ideal for agile small to medium sized companies who are already trying to balance many different tasks.

Unlike Drift, Chatra is a simple and straightforward messenger service with a modern yet lightweight design. This cuts down on external distractions, putting the focus on live interaction and helping your customers in a timely fashion.

Chatra looks like messenger services you’re already used to.

The whole setup process takes just a few minutes and, in most cases, you can do it manually without the help of a developer.

Communication is the key to a satisfied customer and, in turn, making a sale. Chatra lets you focus on what’s important – helping your customers. The same can’t be said of heavy and costly CRM systems packed with complicated features you’ll rarely, if ever, use.

Chatra has everything you need, with a couple of extras you don’t even know you need yet.

Help As Many Customers As You Need

Unlike Drift, Chatra has no limit to the number of people you can chat with both on free AND paid plans. You can even connect several websites to the same account and manage them alongside each other without incurring any extra fees.

With Drift you’re limited to 100 “contacts” on the free plan and 1,000 on paid plans, with the option to purchase 1,000 additional contacts for $10 a month...even if you only need 1 more!

Chatra lets you stay in touch with an unlimited number of monthly and concurrent chats, so you can provide seamless help as soon as it’s needed without bumping into any administrative roadblocks. We don’t ever want you to think of new visitors or potential sales as limitations, which is why we offer unlimited chats with unlimited visitors even on our free plan.

Free as long as you wish, no credit card required.

Go Invisible (No Magic Cloak Required)

You can use invisible mode to keep an eye on things while focusing on other important tasks, or at the end of the working day to finish up any ongoing chats without receiving new ones.

If you want to lurk among chats like a ninja, there’s no better way than going invisible. Read through chats, think about your answers without any pressure and then pop up online when you’re ready. Your customers won’t see you as online on your website until then, but you can still interact with them.

You might also use it when there are simply too many chats to handle – go invisible and, if there are no other online agents, Chatra will switch to an offline messenger mode. This lets your customers know that it might take a while to get an answer without discouraging them from contacting you.

Correct Your Mistakes And See The Future

Made a typo? Don’t worry: unlike Drift, Chatra lets you edit a message that’s already been sent. Plus, you can peek into the future and see what your customers are typing in real-time before they hit send. You can start preparing your answer before they even ask anything!

Routing Chats And Your Very Own Robot

You can route the chat to different teams (e.g. Northeastern Sales, Midwest Support) based on the website or page where the chat was started, reducing the number of awkward moments when you need to refer support queries from agent to agent in front of customers.

Chatra also has a bot feature that asks a series of questions at the beginning of a conversation and collects the required contact information after a visitor’s initial message.

The lead capturing bot can route visitors to the correct department instead of forcing them to fill in a boring form with seemingly endless fields. Adjust the number of fields, edit the form text (e.g. name, email, phone etc.) however you like and mark as required or not in the dashboard.

Once the details are filled in, visitors are taken back to the chat and see a “thank you” for filling out their information. This is a great way to capture your customers’ personal data, even when you’re offline, and generate new leads 24/7.

Fine-Tune With Our Powerful API

Chatra offers a robust API for power users and developers that allows you to control virtually every aspect of the chat widget.

That covers simple things like changing colors and sizes through to more complex JavaScript and REST methods like injecting widgets into frames or tracking analytics events. Our documentation is clear and thorough, with some API options available on the free plan.

All our documentation is clear and thorough, with some API options available on the free plan.

The Result? The Best Drift Alternative Around!

Chatra offers most of the same features as Drift does for free, or a fraction of the cost: (or even for free):

  • — Simple and intuitive UI
  • — Continuous conversation history (stored forever)
  • — Automated chat invitations
  • — Online visitors list
  • — Accessible 24/7
  • — E-mail notifications (answer users from the app)
  • — Saved replies
  • — Mobile and desktop apps
  • — Integration with Shopify, Ecwid, WordPress and other CMS systems
  • — Recent message editing
  • — Live typing insights

Plus, Chatra is truly unlimited, with:

  • Unlimited visitors and concurrent chats
  • Unlimited websites

Two Companies, Two Approaches

Because it’s a venture backed company, Drift is pushed to build hard and fast to justify the investment. The more money they raise, the more time they need to spend presenting to investors and keeping them happy.

Chatra is a bootstrapped and profitable business that grows organically. That means we’re able to focus on adding the features that we feel are most important and are in demand by our users. The big question is...

Which approach resonates with you more?

Free as long as you wish, no credit card required.

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