Yakov Karda
со-founder, CEO

It all started six years back when we launched Getwear.com, an online-only custom jeans brand.

We built a cutting edge customization and order management platform from scratch and learned the ins and outs of selling online.

We talked to our customers a lot and realized that real-time communication can make a HUGE difference to a business’s bottom line.

Slava Olesik
со-founder, COO

Getwear may not have succeeded (it sure made for a great startup failure story though) but it did help us to figure out what our next venture was going to be — a helpful communication tool for SMBs that their customers would love.

Thus, Chatra was born!

We are Roger Wilco LLC

Art Polikarpoff
со-founder, engineer, UI/UX

But who is Roger Wilco?

In radio comms (used by pilots, truckers etc.) “Roger Wilco” translates to “message received, will comply”, i.e. it’s a confirmation of successful communication. Which certainly fits with what we want to do with Chatra.

Roger Wilco is also the name of a protagonist in the Space Quest video game series, who inspires us a lot with his creativity, luck and sense of humour.

Yes, we’re all geeks at heart!

customer success captain
customer champion
space janitor


Roger Wilco LLC

2200 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 1400A
Arlington, VA 22201, USA

We love you